Pink Edison Bangle

Pink Edison Bangle

Arii Hawai’i
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Our Keiki Bangles are sizes 4.5-7” only.

Size 7.5 and up can be found in Mākua Bangles (Adult Bangles).

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.


How to measure? For bangle size: measure with a string, or ribbon, then hold it up to a flat ruler.

1. Make your hand slim as if slipping on a bangle.

2. Wrap the paper ruler around the biggest part of your hand/thumb area, you want to measure the widest part of your hand, most likely around the knuckles – including the base area of your thumb.

3. Read the ruler. Keiki sized bangles (4.5-7” only), are all made on thick 14 gauge wire.