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Kaipiʻi Bangle

Kaipiʻi Bangle

Arii Hawai’i
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Our Kaipiʻi Bangle is customized to size. Available in (3) Three different colors.
Please e-mail me: with any questionʻs


How to Measure? For bangle size: measure with a string, or ribbon, then hold it up to a flat ruler.

1. Make your hand slim as if slipping on a bangle.

2. Wrap the paper ruler around the biggest part of your hand/thumb area, you want to measure the widest part of your hand, most likely around the knuckles – including the base area of your thumb.

3. Read the ruler. Kids Sizes are made on 14g wire. Adult sized bangles (6.5” and up), are all made on thick 12 gauge wire.